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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you. >> some days. >> we'll talk on here. weather wise we have fog to talk about slowing you down. the morning fog locally dense with a dense fog advisory in effect until 11:00 a.m. midday sunshine. that will boost temperatures into the mid-60s, by 6:00 p.m. we're down to 62 with partly cloudy skies. we want to show you the advisory for most of us, there are a couple areas toward anne arundel and frederick and frederick, virginia that are not in the advisory but visibilities have been quite dense, even out there. winchester, martinsburg quarter mile, frederick three quarters. this is the lowest visibility down to the south culpeper, fredricksburg quarter mile. it's 6:00 a.m., angie goff is here the traffic first. thank you, howard. we are kicking off the 6:00 hour right now with a green light telling us that drivers, are doing all right. no major incidents or accidents to tell you about. the wide screen here focus on 95 in virginia. things are slowing down a bit
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here as we move it outside between the prince william parkway and 123. and then using the brakes again around 70, 100 the fairfax county parkway fog to contend with. staying in virginia, pushing it over to 66 that trip making it eastbound right here looks like that construction inside the beltway is clear. what we're dealing with is volume between route 50 and 123. back to the graphics, want to let you know 95 and 270 you're okay on the outer loop, only ten minutes. 95 southbound no problems on the way toward the beltway. d.c. 295, seven minutes toward the 11th street bridge. still ahead in your next traffic report at 6:12 a check on the dulles toll road eastbound. thank you, angie. we get to stories happening today. d.c. mayor elect vincent gray will be talking money today. he is delivering a state of the budget and finances address doing that at the wilson
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building this morning. winter on both sides of the potomac. maryland state highway administration and vdot both testing plows and salt trucks today as well as going over some of the less sons learned from the blizzards last february. vice president joe biden well comes wounded soldiers to his home tonight for an early thanksgiving dinner. turkey at 5:00 p.m. also today a police presence is expected at a northern virginia high school following a violent weekend. >> this began friday with the murder of a 15-year-old student and more attacks this weekend. this all revolves around osbourn high school in manassas and that is where kristin fisher is live with more on the security measures this morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike, and andrea. officials at osbourn high school do not anticipate problems today but children and teachers can expect to see an enhanced security presence inside and outside the school. grief counselors will be avail
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throughout the day. but still many parents have said they will not plan on sending their kids to school today for fear of possible more gang retaliation. now, as you said, this all started last friday when 15-year-old miguel hernandez was walking home from school. he was stabbed. police say it was not a random attack. they say he was specifically targeted and unfortunately he died eight hours later. an 18-year-old and 17-year-old have been arrested and charged with gang participation and murder. then on saturday, a second stabbing, this time at the grant avenue shopping center. the victim survived, but the two stabbings are likely connected. now many parents, teachers, students say their fear is that the violence will continue today. here's what manassas city manager larry hughes said sunday. >> i'm not sure we can avoid rehabilitation, but we can be prepared for any event that might happen at the school. we don't anticipate one. >> just to give you an idea of how real the fear is here, at
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the same time a fellow 9news reporter was interviewing witnesses sunday, about this murder, those witnesses received a very threatening text message. now, on the surface you can see it's a picture that seems innocent, but those who received that text message say the elmo that you see that's draped in ms-13 gang colors is actually a very severe threat to their lives. needless to say the interview was cut short. those people that our fellow 9news nine reporter quickly left. and it goes to show you, the threat is very real and there is certainly a heightened sense of fear as people head back to school today, back to you. >> thank you, kristin, live in manassas this morning. investigators believe speed was a factor in a deadly crash along mattney road in germantown. police say 33-year-old larry tally lost control of his motorcycle and died at the scene. residents have complained about
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speeders for a while there. they want the county to install more traffic lights to hopefully slow down traffic. the transportation security administration is easing up on its security screening just a bit. the head of the tsa says he wants to make the process as least invasive as possible. many airports now have scanners which can see through clothing looking for weapons. if you don't want to go through that, you will be subject today a pat down. a security agent will touch you just about everywhere. sunday on face the nation bob schieffer asked secretary of state hillary clinton about those pat downs. >> and i understand how difficult it is and how offensive it must be for the people going through it. >> final question, my time sup, but would you submit to one of these pat downs? >> not if i -- not if i could avoid it, no. i mean who would? >> a cbs news pole finds 81% of americans support the use of the full body scanners. just about 6:06 now.
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the thanksgiving travel rush is just about here. and of course you can expect a busy week on the roads. here's a quick look at where the gas prices stand if you're out and about. d.c. metro, $2.88. philadelphia area it's 3.03 for regular. hampton road area, gallon of regular 2.73, if you're traveling to pittsburgh, expect to pay 2.99 for regular. the biggest traffic trouble spot in the region could be the i-95 toll plaza in delaware. if you've been anywhere near there, you know it. just north of the maryland line it is undergoing reconstruction now. this weekend delays stretched for 5 miles. to learn what times to avoid it, visit before you go. just look under the extras section. all this week our your money segment will focus on holiday shopping. >> that's good. back with a great way for discounts.
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>> of course we all love the web for comparison shopping, that's a given, but did you know you can get exclusive discounts and deals by tapping into social media. before you head to the store, here are a couple places you should check out. >> certainly retailers from small, independent boutiques to large box stores are using social media as a way to reach customers, offer special discounts, promow codes. >> city shop girls scours the web for deals and says local boutiques like the national jean company have gotten creative. >> they did something with fans on facebook, where if you posted a look you like you get a $25 gift card. >> it really can pay for friend or follow a favorite store on facebook and twitter. >> some are offering up to 40% and a lot of the on line retailers are offering free shipping, free returns. some of them are offering a gift with purchase like gift cards. >> looking for a discount, facebook and twitter are great,
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but applications like four square can target a discount to your currently case. >> facebook's new places feature is similar, check in and it's new deals program alerts you to discounts at businesses near your location. show your phone to the cashier. it's not just the smaller stores offering deals via social media. the large retailers like bloomingdales and sacks have finished up offering look books on line, promow codes and social media is about engaging your customer an fans into your brand. >> getting exclusive discounts via social media is a big theme. reports almost half of big retail chains are using social media to offer special holiday discount and build customer loyalty. we have tons of offers out there, you can find those at, click on consumer we have the ready, set, shop links there for you. >> very cool. sunday's redskins game, not
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really pretty. it was a win, and that's all that counts. >> the team is now five and five after it's second overtime win of the season. just one touchdown for the skins and titans each in this game. donovan mcnabb finds santana moss for a 5-yard score. it was 16-16 in overtime. then about seven minutes into ot, redskins kicker gram gano hits a 48 yard field goal. yes, it was the winner, his fourth field goal of the day. washington topped tennessee 19-16. >> i knew we would come back and play well. i just had a feeling with our guys that, you know, we would go out there and give it everything we had. >> come against tennessee, which a great team, it's hard to win here. and to get that victory is big for us. >> the redskins left this game banged up. clinton portis left after reinjuring his groin. six other players were hurt in the win. it is nine after the hour, here's a look at what's ahead
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in this hour of 9news now. providing meals and more to those in need. at 6:13 we go inside red of the city. a commuter alert, what's new on the beltway in virginia today. and up next howard has your monday forecast, your weather first just 90 seconds away.
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>> 11 after six time. we have fog around this morning. that will be the case with
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patchy dense fog through 11:00 with that advisory. this afternoon we will see sunshine, temperatures by noon, 61. drive home 63 with a high of 65. angie goff has your time saver traffic. all right. thank you howard. we are traveling down the toll road eastbound from the green way toward reston and the beltway, no incidents or accidents, moving at speed. up next in your next traffic report, a focus on maryland roads including the the outer loop north of the district. 6:12. stock markets in asia and europe are trading up this morning because ireland has reached a del on a bailout. >> that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12. ireland's prime minister says his country has an agreement with the eu and imf, they will loan the country $140 billion so it can keep banks open and the banks can keep lending money. 200 people heading from new york to moscow are on their way now. their original flight had to make an emergency landing after an engine failure.
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no one on the delta 767 was hurt though. cardinal donald wuerl will celebrate his first mass as a cardinal this weekend in washington. the pope elevated the 70-year-old catholic leader during a ceremony saturday. man does not live by bread alone. >> we know this is a bible verse that could also be the slogan for one local charity known as red for the city. in the hero central report, the organization is providing much more than just the staples. >> reporter: calling red for the city a food pantry is bit like calling walmart a grocery store, not exactly wrong but hardly the whole story. >> kind of a one stop shop for low income residents in washington, d.c. >> reporter: red for the city executive director george jones. >> it's very common for people to come in because they heard about our food pantry, either the holiday helpings campaign or throughout the year. then they hear we also offer health care, legal services, we have social services. >> when you consider the
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average bread client only makes about $7000 a year, a one stop shop becomes even more critical. >> lots of times our folks arrive on a bus or getting friends to give them a lift over so they can accomplish a lot in just one center. >> it's very disheartening, very discouraging if you have to go here, open one door, it halfway opens and you go over here to another door, they run you around. it's very discouraging, it will turn you around. here i was able to come and each door just opened fully, completely. >> reporter: seven years ago michael blues with a mike messenger with no health insurance, a sick wife and a body he admits was getting too old for the job. >> they helped out medically, used their law department when we had landlord, tenant issues. one letter from them straightened out the issue that we had with them. we've used their food bank. >> reporter: today the life and job are better and blue is a
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volunteer. >> i'm here to help. i love it. now to help the foundation, and usa today are giving bread for the city a grant for $10,000. there are many more families in need this holiday season, $29 will provide a holiday meal for a family of four. for a link to the organization or find out more information about any charities we profile go to and click on the heroes central link. at 6:15 we do weather first with howard bernstein. there is some fog out there and there is some drizzle. >> that's right. the dense fog advisory which had not been across parts of the northern valley has been expanned to cover winchester and martinsburg. those areas dealing with dense fog advisory like the rest of us until 11:00 a.m. let's look at the bus stop forecast, we do have the patchy fog and the drizzle.
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temperatures are holding in the 40s in most, although the exceptions are upper 30s out west and low 50s down in southern maryland this morning, right there by the bay as well. sunrise at 6:58, setting at 4:50. your day planner today, fog around 9:00. temperatures running 53, 54 south winds in the five to 10 miles per hour range. partly sunny by noon, 61. by 5:00 p.m., 64. a high today 65, maybe 67 or eight, west and southwest of town. the sooner we get the sun, the higher the temperatures will go. look at the visibility east to cambridge, quarter mile, leonardtown a half mile. annapolis a half mile. anne arundel out to check if they were at it as well. baltimore three quarters. you can see martinsburg and winchester under the advisory at a quarter mile as well. culpeper, orange, fredricksburg, quantico, stafford, everybody at the charles county seeing quite a bit of fog and patchy
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drizzle. 30s for web chester, martinsburg, cumberland 36. petersburg 34. look at the elevation we're not cooling off, oakland 50. we are also at 50 at reagan national right now. most areas in the 40s. light south winds 7 miles per hour and the humidity high 93% with dew points in the upper 40s. look at this, across the countries cold air for the northern rockies . the warmth is shooting ahead of a storm system, chicago 61 degrees. this is how we start with warm air, but with all this cold in western canada and the northern rockies we've got all sorts of flying in the mountains. we'll tap into some of that cold middle of the week and again toward the weekend. short term though we're mild this morning with the showers pushing through parts of the midwest, grit lakes. they'll move east by this afternoon, at 2:00, partly if not mostly sun eye once we get rid of the fog. this evening looking good.
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partly cloudy skies. this front approaches tomorrow. mild in the morning, 40s and 50s, we get into the 60s in the afternoon on tuesday we can not rule out the fact that we'll have a couple showers around. by wednesday as this front pushes through, it will get chilly. highs on wednesday will hold in the low to mid 50s. so you need the jackets by then. auto today early fog and mile 65. 67 tomorrow with a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon cooler wednesday, 54. thanksgiving 54 with a chance of a late day shower with rain on friday around 60. mild again and temperatures drop by saturday back with highs only in the 40s. it's 6:18. here comes angie with time saver traffic. good morning, everybody. thank you, howard. we are giving you the groan light to kick things off this morning, but our report did not move without incident. northbound gw parkway the ramp to access the inner loop, to get to the beltway we have crash
6:19 am
activity reported. please be careful. meanwhile on the outer loop things are starting to fill out in maryland between university  and georgia avenue. overall things are moving well out here despite that fog that we're still dealing with. let's take it over to the maps again, this time move you up to 95 and the baltimore washington parkway. on both of these roadways we're finding lanes open from baltimore, 192, 98, down to powder mill. 66 in virginia looks like we're now isolated to the yellow, 16 minutes, six more minutes than usual to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. inner loop is fine in virginia, same for the out leer point from van doren to the wilson bridge. wap for fog. still ahead at 6:25 a check on the drive up 395. back to you. thank you, angie. it's 6:19. coming up why it's a week off for students in louden county schools. the college football
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rankings, the newly released top 25.
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dense fog advisory for most of us until 11:00 this morning, watch out for visibilities quarter mile or even less than that. here's your day planner, fog throughout. 9:00, 54. by noon sunshine, already in the low 60s, mid if not upper 60s toward the afternoon. a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 64. good morning, everybody. if you're a college football plan, look at the usa today top 25 coaches pole. it came out overnight. here's your first look. >> here's your usa today top 25 coaches poll presented by sprint. the now network, nebraska was the only team in the top ten to
6:24 am
loss as texas a&m pulled out an upset in college station. the loss knock the the corn huskers out of the top ten. oklahoma state moves up one spot and michigan state up one after beating perdue, alabama, arkansas, virginia tech slide up a slot and nebraska falls to 15. missouri and south carolina hold their spots after wins over iowa state and troy. north carolina is in the top 25. and miami and northwestern fallout. games to watch number one oregon hosting arizona. the iron bowl between auburn and alabama. a big 12 battle for first place in the south as 13th ranked oklahoma travels to number nine oklahoma state. okay. there is your pole. make sure you join us at 5:00 p.m. for mike shanahan's press conference and reaction from redskins locker room on
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the win in tennessee. have a great day everybody. two more quit supported notes the wizards fell to the pistons in overtime 115-110. andre black and mcgee both had 20 points in the loss. nascar makes it five sprint cup wins for jimmie johnson, he had enough points to capture the title again. 6:25. still ahead back to work for the jury in the chandra levy days. >> what you'll see in virginia on the beltway. speaking of virginia, 395 northbound from the beltway to seminary starting to stack up bumper to bumper, no accidents though. a check on the drive in the district coming up. stay with 9news now. 3q
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6:25. -- 6:29. monday morning. every day we bring you weather first. a live look at interstate 66 and the beltway. you can see the fog hanging over there. give yourself extra time if you're headed out today. thank you for starting your day with us i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. how long will the fog hang
6:30 am
around? >> three to four hours, dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. the sun is not up until 6:50. a lot of hopes for the middle of the day once we get rid of the fog, sun will come out and temperatures will be nice by noon, 61. by 3:00 p.m. 69. the sun will be get us too the upper 60s. dense fog covers almost everybody until 11:00 a.m. annapolis you're not in it, but folks in anne arundel we have patchy dense fog there as well as visibilities at the naval academy is a half mile, three quarters in andrews, a quarter mile culpeper, orange, fredricksburg and stafford. martinsburg a quarter mile. a mile and quarter in frederick and westminster. temperatures locally, cool, high humidity, you'll feel it. upper 40s in many areas to around 50, like college park is 50. manassas and haymarket, cool spots you're down to 46.
6:31 am
thank you, howard. good morning, every. hope you're off to a great monday. right now we're taking it up a notch because things are slowing across the region. looking at our maps, better news northbound gw parkway, the accident is cleared on the way to access the inner loop. good news there. zooming out toward the district, outside 16th and u street, it looks like live conditions reveal wide open lanes. we are watching volume pick up on a lot of main roads throughout the district. let's take you to the beltway in virginia next. that's our next stop. no incidents or accidents here. live from gallows road the inner loop starting to slow down. we are below speed starting around braddock road until this point. after this you're fine. 95, to 270 volume there, moving to the real time graphics we're in the yellow, 14 minutes should
6:32 am
only take ten. 95 southbound from 216, a ten minute drive. 295 no problems to the 11th street bridge. more on your maryland roads at 6:46. back to you. thank you, angie. it's 6:32. there are fears of more gang retaliation in manassas virginia. >> this started friday with the murder of a teen, and escalated over the weekend. >> a police presence is expected at osbourn high school today. kristin fisher is live. >> reporter: good morning. the fear of course is that this weekend's violence could spill into the school day even though two teenagers have already been arrested in connection with friday's fatal stabbing. a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old boy have already been charged with murder and gang participation for allegedly killing 15-year-old miguel hernandez, a freshman at osbourn high school. on saturday a second stabbing took place at the grant avenue
6:33 am
shopping center. the victim was not killed but the two stabbings are likely connected to an ongoing feud between two rival hispanic gangs. police say the violence has stayed between the gang members, they don't believe any random people are at risk, but still officials here at osbourn high school are not taking any chances. they say there will be heightened security both inside and outside of the school today, but of course police and school officials are asking for the public's help. if you have any information about either of these two incidents, you are asked to contact the confidential crime solvers tip line at (703)330-0330. andrea. thank you. today begins a week long school holiday in louden county, virginia. public schools are closed today and tomorrow because of employee furloughs. all schools and offices will be shut down. wednesday, thursday and friday are days off for the thanksgiving holiday. the furlough days are aimed at easing the school system's
6:34 am
budget crunch without resorting to layoffs. day four of jury deliberations for the man charged with killing washington in turn chandra levy, ingmar guandique charged with killing levee a decade ago. she spanished in 2001, her body was found a year later in rock creek park. her death fits a pattern of attacks prosecutors of ingmar guandique. the defense argues that it was a botched investigation by police. an update on a body found stuffed in a box in frederick county. police caught up with 34-year-old marvin polencia. he is charged with first degree murder. the victim is 38-year-old vasquez of the district. police say polencia shot the victim and dumped his body on interstate 70. at 635, a commuter alert weekend work on the beltway in alexandria is over.
6:35 am
there are new local lanes of the highway between telegraph and the eisenhower avenue connector. it's part of the ongoing work related to the wilson bridge. this morning, the redskins are five and five. their faint playoff hopes still alive. >> you're saying there is a chance. the second overtime win of the season, just one touchdown for each team. the skins and titans, donovan mcnabb throwing to moss. 5-yard school, seven to seven at the time. 16 to 16 in overtime. seven minutes into ot, graham gano hits a 48-yard field goal for the win. 19-16 redskins win. the redskins side lined with injures, including clinton portis which amazed coach mike shanahan. >> as i told the team after the game, i've been in a lot of football games, you know, through the years, i don't think i've ever had that many guys go down and a team stay together and keep unpinned fighting and
6:36 am
find a way to win. it says a lot about our football team. another nfc action, the eagles stopped the giants in sunday night football, 27-17. time for another your money report. jessica doyle is here with the best of black friday. >> four days, time to start clipping bonus coupons. march, black friday is coming up on us. here are deals you'll want to know about to decide if you want to fight the crowds. target the tv deal everybody is talking about. i'll tell you ahead of time target warning the quantities of this tv are limited and you'll only be able to buy one per customer. the deal is a 40-inch westinghouse lcd hdtv on sale for $298. that's a discount of more than $250. how about a blu-ray player? lots of stores are pricing them for $100. and on black friday walmart and target are selling blu-ray
6:37 am
movies between $5.15 each. e readers are hot this season. you can go ahead to best buy and get the 150 nook from barnes and noble for $100. or kmart and get the 7-inch android tablet computer for $140, that's $40 off. some other deals, target is selling a cannon power shot ten mega pixel digital camera $129. so you're getting $100 discount there. how about cashmere? kohl's has sweaters originally $100, now $35. if you spend $25 at old navy you get a free dance central game for xbox 360. and a toy deal from target, the space police enforcer from lego is $65, full price is $110. >> back to the bonus coupons, check the paper and your mail. andrea you have lord and taylor,
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$15 bonus, 20% off sale and clearance, 15% off everything. if you check the paper you will find macy's is asking for 100 -- rather 15% off with your wow pass. clip those coupons. >> bloomingdale's had a family and friends last week. they have more bargains. one coupon was interesting it goes now through december 24th. >> that's a very good coupon. excellent. thank you, jessica. this thursday americans will eat about 46 million turkeys before they go shopping. but for two lucky birds they will escape that fate from the foster farms in california. they will be the turkeys pardoned by president obama this week. the tradition has groan in the last two decades. the farmer picks the best looking turkeys he has for the pardon. you have to make sure they behave as well. >> you don't want them flapping around, or jumping off the table or escaping. >> the turkeys that are pardoned live out their lives peacefully at mount vernon.
6:39 am
that's about another two and a half years. 6:38 up next your thanksgiving forecast. a look ahead to what you'll see on channel nine. at 8:00 it's how i met your mother followed by rules of engagement. at 9:00, two and a half men and mike and molly. >> at 10:00 the latest episode of hawaii five-0. and derek and nina have 9news now at 11:00. we're back at 6:39.
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welcome back to 9news now. our time is 6:43. wow, can you make out what that building is? yes, every one knows this is 1600 pennsylvania avenue, that is the white house. the words gave it away. a little extra white this morning. you do see some lights on, they're getting ready for a busy day. they'll want to know the rest
6:44 am
of the forecast. >> they're all busy over there. we have the fog around for the next two, three, four hours in spots. this afternoon it will be much nicer, sunshine is coming back. temperatures comfortable for this time of year. we'll start the week mild, we'll not finish it so warm. your bus stop forecast we have fog, we have spotty drizzle too out there. so it's really kind of damp and this is the sort of cool and damp you feel it. most temperatures in the 40s, you'll be outside you'll feel it. sun is up at 6:58, setting at 4:50. another 15 minutes or so before sunrise. day planner 9:00. mcskies and fog in spots, 53. by noontime, partly sunny, 61. 10 miles per hour winds. that's the case this afternoon. upper 60s with enough sunshine. 69 is your high temperature. fog for everybody, anne arundel arguable, should it or should
6:45 am
it not be in it? it's not but they have visibility issues there. and this is for the north valley as well. you can see the visibilities, gone from a half mile to 2 miles, baltimore is one. national is 1 mile. three quarters in manassas, a quarter mile in hagerstown and martinsburg. down toward culpeper half mile, orange, fredricksburg, stafford and even parts of the even shore quarter mile or less. we have widespread fog. temperatures in the 40s. 50 here with exceptions out west, skies will clear longer, mid-30s in the shenandoah valley, and grant county petersburg 32 degrees this morning. national 50 degrees, cloudy skies, winds 17 and visibility a mile. if it wasn't for the wind up at all, visibility would be near zero this morning. any showers are north and west. frontal boundary pushing toward chicago. out to chicago, delays later on with this front coming toward
6:46 am
them in the afternoon and evening. this front makes progress east overnight. we start tuesday in good shape. and as the front gets closer, noontime we're okay. some of the showers will come across the region. we'll call them scattered or widely scattered showers. by wednesday it gets much chillier behind the front with high pressure building in. temperatures the next two days, which is well into the 60s will drop to 54 for a high on wednesday. thursday also chilly on thanksgiving, 54, but playing in flag football games, morning and afternoon showers are possible. wet at times on friday, 60 for the shoppers and we chill down over the weekend, 45 saturday, 54 sunday. let's get an update on your traffic. happy monday, everybody. right now we are waking up to some moderate conditions, that's because mostly we're dealing with speed dropping across the map. yellow on our screen here. first we take you up to the utter loop north of the
6:47 am
district outside we have volume building between new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue, about 15 minutes there. the fog not helping much adding to those delays. back to the real time graphics, 270 southbound, we're tracking southbound trip from 80 to 121, you are below speed. and slowing down from father hurley toward montrose. that's an overall drive time of 20 minutes. keeping things going, this time the travel times show us 66 eastbound from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway has doubled in time. usually that's ten minutes. on the inner loop in virginia no problems from 395 to the toll road, 17 minutes and growing. and the toll roads doing okay, no incidents or accidents, just volume approaching the toll plaza. in your next traffic report at 6:58 your biggest problem spot. now back to you. thank you, angie. at 6:47 we're taking you to the top of the charts. can you guess which movie was number one this weekend? absolutely no surprise here. harry potter and the deathly
6:48 am
hallows part one opened in the top spot. it earned $125 million. the best open for a potter movie. mega mind was second followed by unstoppable. whether you like it or not bieber mania is taking over the world. the teen singer is everywhere. >> he came up big at last night's american music awards. >> the american music award goes to justin bieber. >> the teen sensation was artist of the year and three other awards in fact he went four or four. lady an antebellum was country group. lady gaga was top. and eminem won two awards. the philadelphia eagles are not only in first place in their division, it appears where they play, lincoln financial field could soon be the first and greenest stadium in the whole
6:49 am
world. wind turbines will go up around the stadium's perimeter as well as 2500 solar panels going to be installed. that's not all, there will be a generator that runs on biodiesel fuel and natural gas will also be used. the generator will produce the energy for the whole stadium. >> it's about doing right, but it's also about doing good business and they have proven that you can do both. >> and the new changes at lincoln financial could save the eagles $60 million per year in energy costs. and to me that's amazing. >> that is amazing. what the nationals can hold their heads high, the ballpark the first certified green ballpark. got their lead, right? >> uh-huh. very good. it is 6:49, 50 degrees here in northwest washington. checking the headlines before you go next.
6:50 am
we are just four days away from the latest edition of game night report. the play of the day is from ryan beast at gaithersburg high school. this is gaithersburg quarterback with a deep touchdown pass. completing the circle of life as the -- you get it? lion king, trojans win the game 28-0. to see more play of the day highlights and bad disney references log on to highlights from your school and of course full playoff coverage friday night at 11:00.
6:51 am
[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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6:53. we have a dense fog advisory until 11:00. watch for that this morning. we've dropped to 49. 53 with clouds and fog 9:00. clouds brick breaking out at noon. mid-60s for our highs later on. here's a check of the news
6:54 am
before you go. security will be tight at osbourn high school in manassas, virginia. 15-year-old miguel hernandez was killed leaving the school friday. a 19-year-old man was attacked saturday. police think it might be a gang retaliation. the head of the tsa says security screening may be tweaked a bit but not right away. some travelers are upset with what they are calling invasive pat downs. there is a backup of people who don't want to go through those full body scanners. 48-yard drop in overtime. >> and gano's kick is good and the redskins win it! >> that kick helped the redskins improve to five and five. graham gano's overtime winner. washington hosts minnesota this sunday. the early show begins in five minutes. this morning there will be a little in-studio christmas cheer. ♪[ music ] >> have yourself a merry little
6:55 am
christmas. a look behind the scenes at jessica simpson at rehearsal. she'll perform live on the early show. >> 6:55. weather and traffic when 9news now returns. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. welcome back. we're looking at the capitol. >> yes we are. fog here. 6:58. it's there. that's the capitol. we have the fog, dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. this morning. we'll see fog this morning, sunshine, mixing this afternoon. a mild day. we'll make it into the mid-60s, an afternoon shower, cool down wednesday and thursday. warm again friday with rain, and chilly this weekend. you know where i'm starting, the same picture trying to look
6:59 am
at, it could be the capitol, but it's actually leesburg pike, route seven, very heavy foggy conditions out there, through this area. use caution. the same goes for the dulles toll road. on the inner loop slow across the american legion bridge. fog is a factor. outer loop delayed from new hampshire to georgia. 3952 slow goes from washington to seminary. and the 14th street bridge. ireland works on a bailout in banking crisis and we are looking for a higher start on wall street. a look at winter tires, are they worth the money for your car? our next newscast is at noon. i'll see you then. until then get your news, weather and traffic at we will all see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 as howard likes to say, dark, dark and early. >> have a great day everybody. >> drive safely.


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